Mike Stoklasa and Jay Bauman create the infamous Plinkett film reviews and scathingly funny, weekly-ish Half in the Bag.
Author Piers Anthony has been on the science fiction/fantasy scene since 1967, finally scoring big with his best-selling Xanth series.
Jessica Amanda Salmonson is a bookseller, raconteur and author of fantasy novels featuring real-life female samurai Tomoe Gozen.
What is writing? How and when did it evolve? Simon Ager's labor of love documents the world's written languages.
Jeremy's Affections celebrates Platinum Grit, a beautiful, literate comic by Trudy Cooper, Doug Bayne & Danny Murphy.
Kyle Baker discusses the process behind hilarious graphic novels like Why I Hate Saturn.
Exult in Convention Be Damned with the mega-talented Jen Benka and Kris Dresen, creators of Manya and Max & Lily.
miscellanious stuff
If loneliness sucks, why do we draw away from people? Justine Shaw's Nowhere Girl is poignant, unflinching and hauntingly beautiful.
Patrick Farley's Electric Sheep webcomix burst with visual imagination. Swim in the trippy imagery of his scifi opus Delta Thrives.
online games
Godzilla vs. Tamagotchi is our "hit single," with over 1.6 million downloads. You play Godzilla, hired by Tokyo to eliminate the rascals.
Star Bears provides a taste of hot jedi lightsaber action against Vader and Maul. Win and the princess may reward you with a smooch.
After Kelly is the heart-touching story of two best friends who secretly hate each other's guts.
Josie discovers Gra'ma was once a world-famous stage magician in Josie Has a Secret, joyful iconoclasm for younger readers.
miscellanious stuff
What inspired the wonderful ideas and images in the Star Wars films? Origins reverse-engineeers the mythic childhood of Gen X.
Your parents told you there were no monsters under the bed. They lied. Get squiked with the novel-length Clown Story.

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