Stories were originally nonprofit. Kids learned to avoid poisonous berries from the story of The Little Bunny Who Ate Poison Berries and Died Horribly. Eventually the oldsters with a gift for encapsulating tribal wisdom in an especially engaging way became storytellers for the whole village. These days, what percentage of the stories you're told aren't created by committee, filtered by focus groups, declawed by marketing departments, and ultimately serve the interests of a voracious, amoral multinational corporation? Meet two people still young enough to blither on and on with that kind of woundingly idealistic fervor, but old enough to understand how a typewriter and a paintbrush can ever-so-slightly tip the spin of the world.

Kristen is executive gopher for Jitterbug Studios, an amazingly tiny step up from taping a "jeenyus at wirk" sign to her bedroom door as a third-grader. Mild-mannered web/software designer by day, aspiring novelist from the planet Obscuritania by night, she fights a never-ending battle to keep would-be writers from debtor's prison.

Justine has been a freelance artist, fashion illustrator, comic book penciller, inker, letterer & colorist, computer techie & retail slave. She is as lethal with a dual-bladed lightsabre as the darkest Sith Lord. Occasionally, she schedules a couple of hours for sleep. Occasionally.

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