What is Clown Story?

Clown Story is a "graphic novel," or novel-length comic book, which tells the story of the Monster Who Lives Under The Bed. It's a black comedy. It's about 120 pages.

Why is Clown Story so unspeakably bizarre?

Clown Story was Kristen's first full-length script, written during that dangerous period in one's early 20s when amition was plentiful but real-world experience scarce.

Has Clown Story ever been published in print?

Yes, book I was published in Coven of Angels magazine.

Where did you get the idea for Bonzo?

A friend of Kristen's named Jay described horrible childhood nightmares of a clown with a butcher's knife who hid under his bed. On the thin pretext that clowns are a common nightmare figure for children, Jay has not received any royalties.

Where did you get the idea for Joel Greishman?

We didn't realize it at the time, but in hindsight Greishman was probably more or less stolen from Batman's Lt. Eckhardt character, who was in turn stolen from Orson Welles' Hank Quinlan character from A Touch of Evil.