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BRENNAN: I think part of Nils reading as attractive is not only her looks, but the complete absence of feigned helplessness so many galz interested in guys seem to cultivate.

COOPER: I think they dropped that chip when they were programming me. How exactly DOES one bat their eyelids? Even my 'blonde bimbo' character in a past stage show wasn't twitching idiot with involuntary muscular spasms and terminal loss of equilibrium. I did manage the giggle though, which hurt after a little while. I worked out that it goes up in octave with each 'ha' sound until you're in danger of a nosebleed.

Myself, I should hope [Nils] scans as chick-positive, since I'm a chick constructing chick-fiction. But the big point, I believe, is that of preconceived gender assumptions. Neither character is particularly girly - so their masculine side is as much a part of their dynamic as the feminine. We're portraying Nils and Kate, not Romy and Michelle. Yes, there are purely female and male traits, but in order to construct a fiction with depth, those black and white gender traits are grayed by personality and environment.

Portraying females truthfully is a priority for me (or us). Not just because I give a fuck about my work, but because the greater comic- community is an extreme facet of social gender-ignorance - and demystifying the ideal might sink in to a few insular heads. Jeremy and the whole male gender issue included. I'd like to shoot the prat responsible for "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus". That's just what society needs, another absolution from guilt and reason to not listen. Like most things, the subtle, real traits have been mutated into socially conditioned behavior for conformity and, ultimately, control. It's all a load of bollocks, really.

Another heart-touching sororal moment

Firstly, we're not about making it obvious, and secondly, we're relying on that knee jerk reaction in order to manipulate the (somewhat intelligent) reader.

BRENNAN: And we're flattered. Manipulate us more! Drop more references we'll never grasp!

[part five]

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