Josie Has a Secret

Despite her undisputed title as the best artist in the fifth grade, Darla Whipp has trouble making friends. That is, until the day Josie Taylor arrives.

Josie is like no one else in Forest Hill. As granddaughter of the famous stage magician J.P. Taylor, Josie can seemingly do magic. She skateboards as well as the boys, pulls tricks on the girls, talks back to teachers, and wears the same scuffed-up overalls every day (with a daisy patch over one knee).

Darla and Josie quickly become best friends. But Darla can't stop wondering why Josie is so determined to learn every single magic trick in her grandmother's book. Then one day Josie begins to confide her secret...

Josie Has a Secret was written by Kristen Brennan and illustrated by Kris Dresen. It is recommended for reading level 9-12.

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Josie Has a Secret is a full-length novel published by Jitterbug Fantasia, a web magazine intended for readers fifteen and over.

Josie Has a Secret ©1994-2005 by Kristen Brennan