Jitterbug Fantasia - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jitterbug Fantasia?

Jitterbug Fantasia is a free online entertainment magazine featuring original novels, video games, digital comix, tons of Star Wars stuff and interviews with amazing, undersung creators. Jitterbug has attracted over 6.3 million unique visitors and appears with flattering regularity in the press (including newspapers, magazines, books, five television appearances and a mention in The New York Times). Jitterbug.com was launched in August, 1995.

Who creates Jitterbug Fantasia?

Jitterbug is created mostly by Kristen Brennan and guest artists. Contributors include:

dot Doug Bayne - artist
dot Heather Capelli - artist
dot Amy Goodloe - literary editor
dot Talus Grey - literary editor
dot Barbara "Bunny" Langridge - office manager
dot Joseph Linsner - artist
dot Nathan MacDicken - artist
dot Al MacDonald - artist
dot Marc Manalli - artist
dot Mystery Cartoonist, The - we're not telling
dot Jacob Saariaho - artist
dot Rob Schrab - artist
dot Justine Shaw - artist
dot George Spelvin - system administrator, digital artist
dot Brian Wanamaker - artist

What does 'Jitterbug Fantasia' mean?

About a bazillion years ago I was in a band called Jitterbug Perfume, after the novel by Tom Robbins. When H.G. Wells sort of arguably invented what we today call science fiction he named his new genre Scientific Fantasia. The Jitterbug was a dance craze from the 1940s (a variant of the Lindy Hop) and fantasia descends from the Greek phantasi, meaning "imagination." So in hindsight Jitterbug Fantasia means "dance of the imagination."

How can I submit materials for publication in Jitterbug Fantasia?

We're just some random schmucks, so don't waste your valuable energy attempting to persuade us to publish your stuff. Instead, we strongly encourage you to publish it yourself, and then send us emails gloating about how great it is. It's a drag to read novels on the web, so if you write fiction we highly suggest that you format it like a magazine, cut into single-page blocks seperated by fast-loading design elements with plenty of pictures.

How can I contact Jitterbug Fantasia?

Please visit our Contact Page.

Why isn't Jitterbug Fantasia updated more often?

These days Kristen spends most of her free time working on "a big honkin' science fiction epic-type novel with a female hero." We'll letcha know when it's done.

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