MoonGagdet (formerly Jitterbug Fantasia): Press and Awards

The MoonGadget web-magazine has attracted media attention from television programs, books, magazines, newspapers and radio shows from all over the world! Our Star Wars Origins feature has provided raw material for pastor's sermons and is suggested or required reading for numerous university-level mythology classes. Here are a few selected press highlights:

Our Star Wars Origins website was slightly reworded as How myth became the legend of Joseph Campbell by Allan Burnett for Scotland's Sunday Herald. Published March 28, 2004.

The Academy of Homiletics reprinted information from our Star Wars Origins website in their Homiletic magazine (with permission). Homiletic provides 13,000 pastors with modern expressions of Biblical ideas as raw material they might include in their sermons. They discussed the lineage of ideas threading from Star Wars ("Return of the Jedi") to The Lord of the Rings ("Return of the King") to Arthurian myth ("One day King Arthur will return, like Christ") to the stories of Christ the King's eventual return from The New Testament (1 Thessalonians 4:17, Zechariah 14:5 and Revelations 19:14). Published December 2003.

Our Star Wars Origins website was the major source for (and courteously mentioned by) Jon Casimir from the Sydney Morning Herald in his article Star Wars Crib Notes. Published May 11, 2002.

The Jitterbug Star Wars Fan Film Website (no longer online) was included in an episode of the scifi channel's Exposure television program, hosted by writer/director Kevin Smith. First broadcast May 12, 2002.

The "Flash Games" episode of the UK television program Gamer featured an interview with Kristen Brennan and profiles of her games Star Bears and Godzilla vs. Tamagotchi. Games was produced by TWI (TransWorld International), a subsidary of IMG. First broadcast March 4, 2001.

Our popular Star Wars Origins site got slash-dotted in June 2000. Yes, the traffic almost took down our server! Viva nerds!!! Published June 2000.

ZDTV sez of our Star Bears game: "It Was All Good Til Darth Bear Kicked My Ass; Play this game where you play a Jedi Bear and fight evil bears. Lots of funny in-jokes for Star Wars fans." First broadcast January 7, 2000.

Min's New Media Report is one of those newsletters for executives; 8 pages 25 times/year for $595. Here's what they had to say about Star Bears; The Fandom Menace:

"This Shockwave widget is at once a satire, game, cartoon and eyeball glue for potential partners. The game part, in which a Jedi Bear takes a light saber to an Imperial foe, actually is a bit frustrating. But the concept behind this and its predecessor, Godzilla vs. Tamagotchi is wonderful: clever bits of short-form entertainment that are topical and interactive - just begging for syndication. This kind of satirical gadget could well become a Web-only art form, an alternative to online animation and moving editorial comics. If the coming wave of Web entertainment is going to be short-form, then let's hope for more of this and less of the movie trailer kiosks." Published September 13, 1999.

Vangie "Aurora" Beal from conducted this swell interview with Kristen Brennan. Learn a bit about Star Bears and upcoming Jitterbug projects from one of the primary forces behind the Female Frag Fest and a co-host of Pseudo Online Network's ultra-hip Lilith and Eve webcast. Interview published July 5, 1999.

Did you realize that "Fluffy The Bear, gewapend met groene lichtsabel, dringt de DeathBear binnen en moet drie vijanden overwinnen."? Makes you think, doesn't it? Published July 5, 1999.

Sequential Tart, one of our favorite webzines, recently featured an interview with Kristen Brennan written by Lee Atchison. Kristen discusses digital comix and the state of the industry with only slightly less coherence than usual. Includes the first official mention of Zuzu and Bear, Kristen's upcoming collaboration with Platinum Grit creator Trudy Cooper and 3D guru Brian Wanamaker, widely prophesied to be The Next Big Thing in digital comix [at least around the Jitterbug offices, anyway]. Interview published February 1, 1999.

ZDnet's Internet Tonight interviewed Jitterbug staffers Kristen Brennan and Brian Wanamaker about all this "Internet publishing" schtuff. They even posted this swell RealVideo interview with Kristen. First broadcast November 30, 1998.

Kristen appeared on the Internationally syndicated television program Computer Chronicles to discuss the future of fiction as it migrates to the Internet and PDA's. First broadcast November 7, 1997.

"Godzilla vs. Tamagotchi: Fire up the Shockwave and help the lizard king squash little pixelated pipsqueaks into oblivion." Awarded on May 14, 1998.

"Godzilla conquered such villains as Rodan and Mothra, but he may not be enough for the current Japanese monster: the virtual pet." Published May 14, 1998.

"Jitterbug Fantasia.... an online humor magazine with an attitude" Published July 21, 1998.

"Do your bit to stamp out digital pets." The 1999 Rough Guide to the Internet, by Angus J. Kennedy, had nice things to say about our Tamagotchi game. Published 1998.

"...steers clear of the sophomoric gibberish clogging the web and opts for a sly, intelligent approach to the related arts of life, love, humor and fresh-faced antagonism... laugh yourself into an apoplexy." Awarded May 21, 1998.

Kristen was interviewed briefly by Michael Stroh for his article "More Readers are Booting Up E-Books," syndicated by the Balitmore Sun. Published November 8, 1998.

Loving Henry was included in an article on digital comics in The New York Times online. Published February 2, 1997.

"Stressed out about your job? Got a deadline coming up? Have you always hated those stupid little Tamagotchi games? Well here's your chance to vent your frustrations... " Awarded November 27, 1997.

"Word Magic"

Overall Rating:

Kristen Brennan appeared on the internationally-syndicated television series Internet Cafe to discuss the future of digital 006F60, including Loving Henry. First broadcast January 8, 1997.

"...a true pearl of virtual comics."

First published August 24, 1997 (in German).

"...had me laughing out loud."

First published
August 19, 1996.



Arena Magazine

Back in '93 Arena magazine did a feature interview with Kristen focusing on Lathe, a comic she was writing for Sky Comics. Interesting primarily due to the introduction of the term "gut-splunching" into common parlance. Published 1993.

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