Star Bears Free Online Shockwave Game (Star Wars satire)

Godzilla vs. Tamagotchi: The first game by the StarBears team. GVT was plastered all over the media and has been downloaded more than 1.6 million times.

b*girls: The hilarious full-length novel & comic by the StarBears creative team.

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the story
Fifteen years for a sequel?!?!? Our own lovely mascot Fluffy The Bear deduced that imperials were to blame and stormed the DeathBear in fannish indignation. Endure the adventure in her epic shockwave-game debut, Star Bears.

Use the ARROW KEYS to move left, move right, and jump.

The top three circles represent your "intuition" that your opponent is going to attack. If one of them lights up, press A, S, or D respectively to defend against the attack. If you don't press the correct key in time your opponent will score one hit against you.

The bottom three circles represent your "intution" of an opening in your opponent's defenses. Press Z, X, and C respectively to take advantage of the opening and score one hit against your opponent.

Defeat all three opponents and give the princess a smooch to win the game. To play again, hit SHIFT-RELOAD.

Doug Bayne - fire button/animation
Kristen Brennan - design/coding/ancillary art
Heather Capelli - platforms
Al MacDonald - millennium grizzly
Justine Shaw - windows
Brian Wanamaker - deathbear interior

tech support
You'll need a free copy of the Shockwave Plug-in from Macromedia. For technical support, visit Macromedia's Shockwave Support Page.

free download
For Windows (Win 95 or later): zip (1.3 megs)

Star Bears is a shamelessly fannish parody of Star Wars, which is © LucasFilm Ltd. and Gameboy, which is © Nintendo. "Star Bears" game created Spring 1999, © Doug Bayne, Kristen Brennan, Heather Capelli, Al MacDonald, Justine Shaw and Brian Wanamaker. Return to Jitterbug Fantasia.